We've spent the better part of the past 35 years out on the water and one thing is for certain. When it comes to powerboat repairs, we've pretty much seen it all. From duct tape to softball sized gobs of 5200 sealer, if it can somehow be used to save one more day on the water, then we've been witness to it. As well as to the aftereffects, resulting in many a cancelled outing.
   Unfortunately most of these 'trips' never make it any further than from the trailer to the dock at the launch ramp. And more often than not it's a previous failure that was incorrectly repaired that is at fault. That, along with a general lack of preparedness, has been the root cause of many an unhappy boating weekend.
   And we don't believe it's based on an unwillingness of these particular boat owners to correctly repair their boats. Sure, boats are anything but inexpensive to own and maintain. And when lives are on the line, a quality repair is essential.
   However, not all boat repairs require the knowledge base, as well as the special tools and equipment that only a qualified service & repair facility such as Affordable Marine Service can provide. Many of these repairs could easily be completed by the Do-It-Yourself boat owners in the boating community, of which there are many among us.
   I'm sure you'd agree that when it comes to boat owners, the majority are 'hands on' types of people. They don't mind getting their hands dirty in the pursuit of keeping their boats operating at peak performance.
   Unfortunately, for the most part, the only thing preventing DIY boat owners from completing these types of repairs is the knowledge of the steps required to complete the repairs. Having that, they could easily avoid the scheduling, the delivery and pick-up, as well as the cost involved in having the professionals take care of these issues for them.
   And that's where BuddyBoaters.com comes into play. Our goal is to be your online video based "Go To" resource for all things boating. We want to bridge the gap between the boat owner and the correct knowledge of just how to safely complete these necessary repairs, not only allowing them to save money, but even more importantly, save their weekend boating plans.
   We'll continually be updating, as well as adding more and more content as time goes by. Our goal is to cover everything, from tying your own anchor rope to replacing your sacrificial zincs and nearly everything in between. So be sure to check in often to see the latest and greatest in Do-It-Yourself boat repairs.
   And if you have any thoughts on repairs you'd appreciate seeing more in depth, please feel free to submit your suggestions here.
Questions? Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the Buddy Boaters logo. Buddy Boaters Logo Bot 6 130-52